Swinging of the first months of application of the law of the abortion

abortion law

1. On the last 11th of February, in each 4 Portuguese’s they passed 1 on behalf of the discipline of the abortion till 10 weeks, after a campaign in which it was said and repeated what one would not promote the abortion and his legalization would not be in question, but only the end of the penal pursuit to the women who intend to remove the life of his children till 10 weeks of gestation;

2. There was produced a spacious law, of the most permissive of Europe, without paying attention to the preoccupations expressed by many voices, which appealed to the moderation, to the observation of other European systems in what it respects to this matter, with ser the German law, which protects – still that limited – the intrauterine life;

3. The abortion is legal, permitted and promoted by the Ministry of Health that not more ceased of bringing all the proceedings into effect necessarily to the placing of this practice in the pedestal of the legislative conquests, bringing to the life of many women an avoidable drama for the prohibition of the abortion. Amazingly the only comment of the Government to is the application of the law what this one “passes with normality”, showing his contentment with the fact without a notice even of preoccupation in realizing how it is possible to avoid this drama!

4. To way of the September, the General Direction of Health gave piece of news of 1435 abortions carried out from the 15th of July: they represent nearly 24 abortions in a day. An abortion per hour.

5. According to documented by the Social Communication along this last week, the clandestine abortion did not finish – not unfortunately it will finish – in Portugal. Again with pretext of resolving a problem, the Government came to add others, because it did not attack the causes of the problem for his root.

6. However there are other ways. From the referendum of last February they were born for the country it had been several centers of support to the Life where the women with a crisis pregnancy can find support and support and his son be born. Between others we tell Portalegre, Sense of smell, Viseu, Evora, Hot springs of the Queen, Setúbal, etc. In several other centers the help requests have been growing: many people come from women to whom the existence of the legal abortion came to put them in a situation of possible resource to this one that before was not placing him itself. But for these the Government has not a word, a measure, a preoccupation.

7. We will follow attentive the evolution of the situation and we do not resign remembering that the abortion is an evil in which all they lose the life a child, his parents and the society in his. We will keep on witnessing with our Life and pledge that the abortion is never a solution and that there are more human alternatives. We will not stop complaining of the Government that helps the civil society to help the one who needs and to become more just and supportive.